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Louis Comfort Tiffany,  (born Feb. 18, 1848, New York, N.Y., U.S.—died Jan. 17, 1933, New York, N.Y.), American painter, craftsman, philanthropist, decorator, and designer, internationally recognized as one of the greatest forces of the Art Nouveau style, who made significant contributions to the art of glassmaking.

;Tiffany Windows

Museum Tiffany Wisteria Ceiling currently appraised at 30 million

Tiffany Museum Wisteria Ceiling

Tiffany’s experiments with stained glass, begun in 1875, led to the establishment three years later of his own glassmaking factory at Corona in Queens, N.Y. By the 1890s he was a leading glass producer, experimenting with unique means of colouring. He became internationally famous for the glass that he named Favrile, a neologism from the Latin faber (“craftsman”). Favrile glass, iridescent and freely shaped, was sometimes combined with bronzelike alloys and other metals; such examples, some signed “L.C. Tiffany” or “L.C.T.,” enjoyed widespread popularity from 1890 to 1915 and were revived again in the 1960s. His Favrile glass was admired abroad, especially in central Europe, where it created a new fashion.

Museum Wisteria Ceiling appraised at 30 million

Museum Tiffany Wisteria Ceiling currently appraised at 30 million

Tiffany windows from extraordinary museum Ceiling currently appraised at 30 million dollars

At the time  the above apprasial was done 2009

a Wisteria Lamp on an average at Christies and Sothebys was selling for 1/3 of todays current Market Price at Auction 

    There are more than 60 clusters of Wisteria In De lamar's "Pemproke""breakfast Room Tiffany Sky lite Ceiling, current sale of a single wisteria Table Lamp at auction sold for over 1 million dollars


Since the above apprasial there has been a more recent apprasial at 20 to 30 million




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