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Architectural Archive castings are typically selected because they can be produced with fine detail, excellent "as-cast" surface finish that can be shaped into internal or external features.  Also, loss wax castings (also known as investment castings) are aimed to exact the likeness as a specific model. This casting process often leads to significant customer cost savings in material and gives the customer great value.  Considering  that our Archive patterns and molds are from detailed original models, our customer can expect only to receive the highest in quality value.


​Architectural Archive, for over forty years, has aquired some of the finest examples of architectural artifacts and rare decorative art in the industry. With a concerning eye for excellence, A-Archive has picked and choose out of thousands of items to make molds and patterns of only the rarest and most unusual designs that are quite popular in todays Landmark buildings and great homes.

Architectural Archive has one of the  largest and finest collections.  We use pattern molds and models that are used to create elements in lighting or home decorative arts.  This centerpiece shown that would grace any dinning room table or the door panels we have used in grand entrance to homes and commercial buildings through out the world.

Bronze recast of exquisite ladies 

French period swivel mirror

A Renaissance Patina Bronze museum quality Archive casting of a beautiful Centerpiece in very fine detail 30" in height.


A magnificent palace clock with extraordinary detail in our Archive that we are currentley making for a special client. A-Archive also has the ability to recreate the curved satin wood case, having the original signed museum clock allows us to recreate to the exact likeness of the woodworking and the fine original bronze ormolu mounts, these commissions are difficult callanges that we have perfected over the years.

(108" h.  x 26" w.)

About: A​ great pattern of

entrance torceres on 

marble base in our archives.

(10" x w.36" h.)

Above: a Bronze recast of a monumental  Winged Griffin support Castle overmantel Clock 5ft in height taken from a rosewood and walnut Herter Bros.


Above:  a monumental Archive Recast statue group of "Diana The Huntress" finished to perfection. (6ft w. x  3ft h.)


Above: a recast of U.S.government Eagle Grills

that we have made for many entrance panels over

the years. (22" w. x 48" h.)

Above: Dolphin Railing a recast of a highly decorative section of staircase rail we have cast for our special clients

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