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Palactial pair of Dore bronze and sharp cut emerald crystal 4.5 feet tall - 1.4 metres, in beautiful quality. You're viewing a pair of French Empire style cut glass vases in the shape of the classic amphora. 

This is an amazing palatial pair. Detailed ormolu fixtures and mounts Les Halles in Paris.

Dimensions in inches:


Over three feet tall "castings alone", these are a  pair of classic female figurine lamps by Gregoire.  We have paired them with our Archive hand made shade (4ft. tall).

Ormolu finish superb - bright and scratch free, incredibly ornate casting. Details such as facial features, hands and drape of tunic illustrate quality Marble base - smooth and ready for home use

Opulent pair ready for home 
Original from  Champs Elysee on Paris Will ship to anywhere in the world.  These beautiful castings can also be used as Torcheres we make them with 3" fitters to hold a cut glass shade or a glass flame globe Available for viewing in our Los Angeles showroom.

Dimensions are in CM:

Height x Width x Depth
39c x 10c x 10c

Dimensions are in CM:
Height x Width x Depth
99c x 25c x 25c


Stunning pair of French Empire cut glass and ormolu urns in the classic amphora shape.

This architectural pair stand in at nearly five feet tall.

A stunning collectors piece, these pieces look will look incredible in any home?

Come and view these in our Los Angeles showroom. (Please email for an appointment).

Original from Les Puces in Paris.

Dimensions are in inches:
Width x Depth x Height
13w x 13d x 54h


Come view these for yourself in our Hertfordshire showroom.

You're viewing a gorgeous pair of cut glass French Louis XV style vases.


This pair measure nearly four feet tall.

Ormolu mounts and fixtures include the visually stunning satyr head handles. 

This important pair would make a great collectors piece and are every interior designers dream.

Dimensions are in inches
Height x Width x Depth
42h - 17w - 13d

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