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A portrait leaded art glass window is an expression of passion for the loved ones in our lives. Throughout the years Architectural Archive has done several portait windows for our special clients who are very happy that they have commissioned us for these projects. The windows are now a reminder of their daughters and sons at a younger age: these careful depictions are made through our leaded glass windows.

Through many years of collecting Tiffany portrait windows, we have been inspired to continue the tradition of recreating beautiful portrait windows of the special family members and loved ones in our lives

Glass Portraits

The piece above is an Architectural Archive Glass commission.  Pictured at left, is the  the model used in this particular window measuring 28" wide x 34" tall in this window we used the technique and exact glass type and quality of Tiffany studios  a precious family  keepsake and a reminder of a daughter of 13 years old.  Picture right is an alternative render, usually we make a few renders for the client to chose from once the client approves we paint the face and start on the Portrait Window.

Painting on Glass

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