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Above: An Archive Casting to the exact likeness to an original Carrier Belusese using the loss wax investment casting method that picks up  detail as fine as a thumbprint. This method of investment casting is extensive and more complex than the usual casting procedure, extensive and time consuming but the results are extraordinary with the exact likeness to an expensive period antique at a more affordable price to our clients, we also have miniture hand and face carvers to replicate perfectly the original features that we make in genuine ivory.

An impressive size for any home: 23" wide x 36" tall

Intricate in detail and impressive in size, executed  with curved glass panels, bell shape hood dolphin details and a lion masked base. This model is a great example of a French Palace Clock.  We have made this piece for severall estates over the years, now this model is available to our new clients.
31"h x 20"w​

Above: a superb casting of a Palatial Clock in the Classical style.  This piece takes a mold from original museum artifacts from our Archive collection. This allows us to recast this special Object de Art with very fine details of the original maker. 

Angel of Time
A great example of a Palatial clock in an aged gold dore finish with onyx base.
28" h x 16" w

Impressive palatial mantel clock of Bacus in an aged gold dore finish.

27" wide x 24" tall


An A-Archive recast off the original signed

Moreau Bronze statue. 42" in height

A Winged Victor on Globe an A-Archive Museum Quality Bronnze recast patina to perfection.

36" tall x 28" wide

Measuring almost five feet in height, this is an extraordinary recast from the original 1890 columbian exhibition 'Glorious Victor' on an ornate museum swivel stand.

Architectural Archive limited Museum Quality Investment Recastings 

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